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Dusk To Dawn Lighting has all the LED
lights from industrial to personal use.

Forestry Machinery

The forestry environment need ensure that you are able to continue to work safely no matter the amount of light filtering through the trees. Also the bright, powerful lights are required.

Agricultural Machinery

When harvest comes, also hard work comes, machinery needs to work day and night. You need a powerful, long-time working light which will work perfectly with your machine.

Mining Machinery

Mining machines will often need to work whole day above or under ground. It needs a light which is durable, and provides the maximum usable light needed in any application.


Forklift lights need to be colored, concentrated light beam as a large and visible square on the floor in front or behind the machine. This early warning signal alerts workers that there is a machine approaching.

Automotive / Off Road

Automotive / Off Road can be a custom look that is designed by the owner, so most of the lights can be used on it, especially light bars.


Marine environments, especially those with salt water, can cause corrosion and, eventually, failure of standard LED lighting products. High quality stainless steel & white housing needed.

Dusk To Dawn Lighting

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